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Featured Artisans: Wallace Sewell

Featured Artisan – Wallace#Sewell, London

At  ANICHINI we are constantly searching for the genuine article. We seek textiles which are above and beyond. Where noble materials, inspired design, and exceptional craftsmanship meet. Textiles that transmute their utilitarian function and become veritable works of art, with a distinct point of view.

This search brought us to the design studio of Wallace#Sewell. Founded by by Harriet Wallace-Jones and Emma Sewell after graduating from the Royal College of Art in 1990, they are known for their use of color, structure and yarn in surprising geometric formats. Inspired by paintings, they create individual contemporary fabrics with strikingly bold, asymmetric blocks and stripes of varying scales, which bring together a plethora of elements within one piece.
Featured Artisans: Wallace#Sewell At The ANICHINI Store In Vermont
“Wallace#Sewell are strongly influenced by the Bauhaus for its aesthetic and design ideology. They strive to unite craft and manufacturing, embracing traditional techniques. The initial design process begins on handlooms in the London and Dorset studios. Production then takes place in a family-run mill, fusing tradition with state of the art technology.”
Weaving at the Wallace#Sewell mill in England.
Weaving at the Wallace#Sewell mill in England.
Weaving at the Wallace#Sewell mill in England.
We are pleased to present their new Block throw collection at our store in Quechee, Vermont. Inspired by the abstract paintings of Korean artist Chung Eun Mo, the throws feature checkerboards of juxtaposed blocks in striking hues. Woven with sumptuous merino lambs wool which is felted to create a luxuriously soft hand.

ANICHINI is proud to include Wallace#Sewell in our collection of featured artisans. Their bright, color blocked throws are available at our Quechee, Vermont store. Call or stop by for more information or to purchase. See their journey from inspiration to production below.

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